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"Hi Lynn, thank you for another great lesson yesterday.  I just want to mention that even when the lesson is repeating, the practice of those things makes a big difference to us and greatly influences how we play when you are not present."


"Hi Lynn, just wanted to let you know I thought today's lesson was exceptionally outstanding.  The skills we practiced today fit perfectly into where we are in our pickleball journey."


"I learned so much.  That was the most productive hour lesson

of any sport I've ever taken."

-First-Timer Anna

"Thx for today — really fun (and lots to learn and work on). I love doing the 3 of us with you — perfect way to drill/practice/play (since you get everything of course, can set up shots the way they should be played and what we think might be winners seem to always come back!). Looking forward to next Tuesday."


"Hi Lynn, it's fun to see first hand, and under game conditions, how far we've come under your coaching.  You would have been proud.


"Thanks Lynn for all you do for us!  You will make us into 3.5s even if it kills us."


"Thank you Lynn.  It feels empowering to play at the net and be in control.  I really like our lesson today."


"Thank you for the encouraging feedback--it's a journey and I'm happy to be on this journey with you."


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