Process Queen

I’m a process consultant with 20+ years experience in different industries such as software, network, automotive, and retail.  


What I do is make other people’s jobs easier and more efficient.  I look at internal or older processes that have been around for a while that might be inefficient and figure out if there’s a way to use technology or automation to make somebody’s life easier or make processes better.

Simple as that.

About Me

In many visits back to my village over the years, I’ve observed that handouts will never be enough and that perhaps giving a hand (and hand-me-down shoes) would go further.  I love sports, especially tennis and recently pickleball.  My mission is to teach English and introduce sports as a lifestyle to everyone who wants to learn, one village at a time.  The Village Project would be “one last thing” I hope to complete with all that I have.  That is, time.

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